Meet DaNejia


DaNejia, displaying a bright smile and the mug that she glazed during her very first week at PotteryWorks (isn’t it stunning?!).

DaNejia is one of our newest recruits on the PotteryWorks youth crew. She’s a junior at Wichita West High School, has a lively personality that is fun to get to know, and has been an impressively quick learner so far. We’re glad she joined the team and look forward to diving deeper together into the world of pottery and teamwork in the coming months.

Amanda: Good afternoon! Thanks for talking with me. How did you hear about Legacy Ministries? 

DaNejia: I heard about it from my mentor Kenzie, who told me if I was looking for a job to apply at PotteryWorks, and it sounded fun.

A: What interested you about the job?

D: I like colors. And I really didn’t like getting dirty but I thought I would try it and see if I would like it.

A: Going beyond your usual limits. That was something that impressed me during your job interview–you said you didn’t like to get your hands dirty but that you wanted to do it anyway. Had you done any ceramics before this job?

D: Yeah, when I was in 6th grade I took art, but I really didn’t like it, except for the pottery.

A: Tell me a bit about yourself. What interests you?

D: I like helping people a lot. If someone doesn’t have something, I try to help them get it. Even though I don’t have a lot of things myself, I’ll still try to help that person. I like swimming a lot. I want to be a doctor, and am taking classes about the body, how it works. Coaching cheer. Praise dance. Singing at church and at school. Sometimes I babysit my cousins.

A: You’re a busy lady! What have been some of the positive things about working here so far?

D: That no one criticizes what I do. When I mess up, no one says, “Oh, you did this wrong.” You guys try to help me and talk me through it. And I like learning new things.

A: What kinds of things have you learned?

D: I didn’t know how to sand. So that was a cool experience. Making and sanding mugs and plates, and doing two different glazes on the same piece of pottery.

A: It was exciting to see the result of the first thing you glazed and fired that first week–your mug.

D: That was pretty awesome.

A: How can PotteryWorks help you with your goals at this point in your life? 

D: Since this is a team effort, it can help me in high school, since sometimes I don’t always like working with everyone. It can help me with teamwork.


DaNejia glazes mugs that will go in our Etsy shop. This mug, in “Caramel” calls for a combination of two different glazes, like she talked about.

A: What does a typical day on the job look like at PotteryWorks?

D: We’ll clean and pour into the molds, sand, glaze. On Thursday we clean the studio, play frisbee, and get to pick the music we listen.

A: What are you looking forward to learning over the next few months on the job?

D: I want to learn how to throw bowls on the wheel, and to see how the Christmas ornaments* we made turn out.

A: Anything else you’d like to share?

D: I’ve changed my opinion about the job. I really like it.  When I started, it was a little challenging and I thought, “I don’t know if I’m going to like it.”

A: What do you think changed your mind?

D: I got my hands dirty… I guess that helped!

A: Yeah! We’re proud of you for diving in and we’re happy to have to have you on the crew!

*We’ll be selling Christmas ornaments, in addition to dinnerware, mugs, and more at the Alternative Gift Market on Saturday, November 12, here in Wichita. We’ve posted a link to the event on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to provide more details in the coming weeks. Mark your calendars!

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